The Archival Deletion was a two-part event that took place at two different times; the first was the February 2013 Hacking, and the second was the removal of the archives in September 2013.

February 2013 HackingEdit

In February 2013, the data for the archives was mostly lost after a hacking. Topic titles, and in rare cases the first post or page of a topic, were all that could be viewed.

Archive RemovalEdit

Seven months later, in September 2013, the archives were deleted for good, as the archive database could not be retrieved. This resulted in the total loss of every game in the First Age, most of which cannot even be found via various internet backup sites. A few games such as Bionicle Mafia 34: Command have been partially recovered enough to retrieve relevant information from the game, but most remain without even a title or host to match to them.

Games AffectedEdit

Every single game in the First Age, as they were deleted forever due to this event.


  • This was the third Data Loss event to affect the First Age.