Bionicle Mafia: Not Sure Which One

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Bionicle Mafia: Not Sure Which One (also known as Bionicle Mafia: I Don't Even) was the first game of the Second Age, and the 36th game overall. It featured a new role in the Ghost, and set up a location system simular to the one used throughout The Cult Trilogy.


Sections: Nothing really special about these. Just that the city is divided into five sections. The town hall section(a), the mall section(b), the school section(c), the living section(d), and the working section(e). All this does is accomadate the role of the ghost. No one else has to worry about these. I will pre-determine which section the murder will be in before I get the info on who dies just so there is no...conspiracy I should say. When I post the murder report I will only say _____ was killed by (cause of death) at section _.


Villager(12): Wait to die and vote.

Mafia(3): Um, listen to your leader.

Mafia Leader(1): Confer with the other mafians on who to kill and the leader submits who dies. You get a revenge killing (2 people of your choosing) if you are out on trial and convicted.

Serial Killer(1): Gets to attack every other turn and is not obligated to report to anyone. Inspector(1): Gets to ask for the info on who someone is. One per turn and can hold a trial once every two turns.

Bodyguard(1): A twist on the doctor. Chooses someone at the beginning of each round like the doctor, however protects them rather than healing them. The interesting thing is that if he chooses right and his person is attacked, he kills the attacker! (If the target is the bodyguard, then the attacker doesn't die)*

Ghost(1): Someone who gets choose a section of the city and stalk it. If he/she chooses the section the murder is in(I will pre-choose where the murder is just so there is no conspiracies), then he witnesses the while thing and knows the people involved in the attack, not the other suspects. However this person will always be on the suspect list if they choose the right section.

Player ListEdit

Spot Player Role Status
1 Omi Shad Bodyguard Alive
2 Shocked Villager Lynched, Day One
3 Ignacis Villager Alive
4 Noble Knight Biobeast Godfather Killed by Serial Killer, Night Two
5 Impulse Ghost Alive
6 LhikeVikk Villager Alive
7 Nara Villager Alive
8 Toarobot18 Mafian Lynched by Inspector, Night Two
9 Ultimate Game Mafian Lynched, Day Two
10 Clone Commander Cody Villager Alive
11 TMV Spirit-Nui Inspector Alive
12 Derpestien Villager Alive
13 Ddude the Insane Villager Alive
14 MoC1 Villager Alive
15 Toa of Dischordant Dancing Villager Killed by Mafia, Night One
16 Mt Ihu Villager Alive
17 Toa Onarax Villager Alive
18 Fullbringer Blade Serial Killer Killed by Mafia, Night Two
19 Legolover-361 Villager Alive
20 Applebloom Mafian Killed by Bodyguard, Night Three


  • This is actually the fastest Mafia game ever, with it only lasting three rounds. The previous record was four rounds.