The last of the attendees pushed the door of the town hall open, and snuck in. He glanced around for a spot to sit at, and slid into one of the many, many open seats, as it was meant to fit a couple hundred, and there were only seventeen in the seats. He looked up at teh front of the room, where two Matoran wearing replicas of the Ignika and the Avohkii. The one with the Ignika was talking.

"...founded this town twelve years ago as a mining settlement for the Central Government of the Southern Continent because under the town is a huge gold node. During-"

"For the love of Mata-Nui, stop the needless exposition, Ignika!"

"Fine, Councilman Avohkii. You didn't have to be so rude. Anyways, we villagers have just defended our town from a merciless attack by some Dark Hunters. They killed all important members of the town except for the two of us Councilmen. We killed all but four of them."

"This morning, we received a note saying 'We, the four remaining Dark Hunters, have killed four members of your town and are impersonating them. We will kill one of each of you each night, until we have killed all of you! Muhahaha!!!'

"To deal with this, Avohkii and me have passed two pieces of legislation. The first is that we will give everyone one piece of ammo for one of their guns, and you must turn in your other guns. We don't have bullets for the Dark Hunter's guns, so they can shoot anyone. You may shoot and kill anyone they wish with this bullet. Come up, turn in your guns, and get your bullet.

"Now everone has gotten their gun, we can go to our second piece of legislation. Everyday, after the killing, we will vote to lynch one person in the town. And when we say lynch, we mean lynch! With ropes and gallows and-"

"We get it, Ignika. We won't be using any fancy forms of execution, though we may use an old guillotine."

The townsmen filed out of the town hall, and looked about the town. It was in the middle of the plains, and was a typical frontier town. They had wooden buildings, horses hitched to posts, and herds of cattle wandering around outside. It was a simple, Wild West town.