Village :

Councilmen x2: The constantly bickering duo of Ignika and Avohkii, the town councilmen know that the other is not a Dark Hunter, and them alone. When the two of them work together and both vote for one person, they edit the votes in their favor by adding in one vote. They too have guns, like the Villagers. [Know each other's role. If they both vote one person together, one vote is added to that vote total. They can kill one person in the game at night.]

Villagers x14: The councilmen have given each of the Villagers one bullet that they may use to kill anyone, with no regards to judgement, or any sort of concern. They can only use their bullets one, and are very skilled at shooting. They would never take a dead man's bullet, as that is dishonourable. [Can kill one person in the game at night.]

Dark Hunters :

Dark Hunters x4: The remainder of a large army that attempted to lay siege to the town, and take control of it to mine from the massive gold mine. They have infiltrated the town, and are launching a brutal assault against the Matoran. However, the town has retaliated by beginning to lynch at random. [Collectively kill one Villager a night.]