Bionicle Mafia 0: Training and Experiments

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The Lorax and Dual Matrix, Game 1

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Mafia Victory, Game 1

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Bionicle Mafia 0: Training and Experiments was an experimental series of games in the Third Age.


Hello everyone and welcome to Mafia 0: Training and Experiments. The purpose of this topic will be to let potential new GMs (or even older ones) try out ideas and gain experience in running mafia games on BZPower and in general.

The games in this topic will be small (10-15 players) and hopefully pretty quick because of that. Each game will have two GMs, the one who ran the last one (mentor GM) and a new one (student GM). At the end of each game, the student will become the mentor for the next game, and a new student will join them from amongst the players. The new GM is not necessarily new to running mafia, they could be a more experinced GM who wants to test out an idea before letting it loose in one of the larger games. The games will be run concurrently with other, larger mafia games on this forum.

In order to keep things running quickly between one game and the next, players from the last game will be assumed to be staying on unless they say otherwise. If the current GMs call for more players, others can be recruited, or let go if they desire to have fewer.

This post will be updated each time a new game begins to include the current GMs, and link to the first post of that game, which will contain information specific to that game.