Spot Player Role Status

An Imploding Implosion

Medic Alive
2 Zakaro Villager, MoC1's Sibling Killed by Mafia, Night One
3 Squishypony Villager Alive
4 gdfgdfgdfice Villager Alive
5 JiMing Mafian Lynched, Day Four
6 Clone Commander Cody Dirty Detective Lynched, Day Two
7 Fullbringer Blade Detective Killed by Necromancer, Night Five
8 Toarobot18 Villager Alive
9 Zoma Appentance Killed by Mafia, Night Three
10 The Wretched Automaton Villager Alive
11 Noble Knight BioBeast Black Mask Lynched, Day Three
12 Mt. Ihu Villager Killed by Mafia, Night Two
13 Tyler Durden Villager, Sibling to Portalfig Killed by Black Mask, Night Two
14 Portalfig Mafian, Sibling to Tyler Durden Killed by Sibling Empathy, Night Two
15 Lhikevikk Returns! Necromancer, GM Lynched, Day Five
16 Toa Onarax Mafian Lynched, Day Two
17 Kohrak Kal 17 Villager Alive
18 MoC1: Technic Gladiator Villager, Zakaro's Sibling Killed by Sibling Empathy, Night One
19 iBrow Hearts Luna GM, Lloyd Killed, Night Four
20 Burnmad: Toa of Emoticons Mafian Killed by Necromancer, Night Two
42 Null Villager

Lynched, Day One

Lynched, Day Two