Doctor (x1): He selects one person to save per round.

Silent protecter (x1): He selects 3 people to protect for the entire game, is someone tries to kill one of his "protected" he will kill them.

Crazy Assassin (x1): This person kills randomly every round, he has no sides and no soul. If he choses to kill the SP he can kill again that round.

Detective (x1): He selects one person to investigate every two rounds. If found guilty, he may ask the governor for an arrest warrent to arrest that person before the crime scene. The hanging will take place simultaneously with the crime scene hanging. Once the Govenor is dead the Detective can only investigate not arrest.

Governor candiate (x2): Everyonewill vote for one of these two in the first round. The winner will be the govenor.

Governor (x1): He can stop a hanging every three rounds, starting the second round. And grants detective warrents. After he is dead the Detective can no longer arrest.

Godfather (x1): He selects which Mafian will do the killing and he makes up a list of four people to kill. The mafians will vote off the list. If he is hung, then he chooses two players to kill before he dies.

Mafians (x12): Each Mafian will know the other Mafians. The mafians will each vote on who to kill and PM it to the Godfather. If the Godfather does not PM me in time with who to kill, I may ask a Mafian to choose who to kill instead.

Villagers (x12): He may vote once per hanging, without having any idea who is actually guilty.

Sibling will be a role that will overlap with a person's other role. The siblings are a pair of players who both know what the other is (if one is a Mafian and the other is a Villager, then the Mafian knows the Villager and the Villager knows the Mafian). The disadvantage is if one sibling dies, the other does too. The advantage is that the siblings have one member who they can trust.