Bionicle Mafia 34: Command

Hosted by

Lloyd: the White Wolf




Sector 34





Preceded By

Bionicle Mafia 33: Revenge

Succeeded By

Bionicle Mafia 35: Chaos

Bionicle Mafia 34: Command was the thirty-forth game in the First Age. As with any First Age game, our information is very incomplete on this game.


1. You may lie about or reveal your role. You may lie about or reveal someone else's role. You may lie about what I said to you. You may post real or false screenshots. Whatever it takes to manipulate the other players is acceptable. 2. If you do not PM within 2 days after a hanging, I will go ahead and post the crime scene to keep the game moving quickly. 3. A Mafian who betrays the Mafia will not win with the villagers. They will be smote by lightning.


3x Mafians: Each Mafian will know the other Mafians. If the Godfather does not PM in time, I may ask a Mafian to choose who to kill instead.

1x Godfather: He selects which person the Mafia kills every round, and selects which Mafian will do the killing. If he is hung, then he chooses one player to kill before he dies.

1x Detective: He selects one person to investigate per round. He does not have the power to arrest, but must instead use the lynch mob to his advantage.

1x Doctor: Once per night, he may choose a person to keep watch over. That person is immune to all attempts on his life for the duration of the night.

3x Secret Roles: These roles are kept secret, as they are my "secret ingredient", if you will, to this game.

11x Villager: These guys are Redshirts. Their only power is the vote. You all know how the voting mechanic operates, so I won't explain it.


The Mafia have won, this time by sheer force of overwhelming numbers. pleased with their new success, they spread out to plague new sectors of BZ-Metru. This time, they have invaded Sector 34, a seemingly normal place which has no history of violence or mysterious happenings.

But of course, since this game is happening in Sector 34, we all know that is going to change very quickly.

Player ListEdit

Spot Player Role Status
1 Portalfig Unknown Unknown
2 Shocked Unknown Unknown
3 Shadok Villager Killed by Mafia, Night One
4 xccj Villager Lynched, Day ??
5 White Six Villager Lynched, Day One
6 Clone Commander Unknown Unknown
7 TMV Unknown Unknown
8 Nara Villager Killed by Mafia, Night Two
9 Utoik Unknown Unknown
10 Xxonn Unknown Unknown
11 Harold Saxon Villager Lynched, Day Two
12 KK17 Unknown Unknown
13 JxcelDolghmQ Unknown Unknown
14 BioBeast Unknown Unknown
15 Sharkfig Unknown Unknown
16 Ddude Mafian Killed by Sibling Empathy with xccj, Day ??
17 Timid Unknown Unknown
18 Blade Exorcist Killed by Mafia, Night ??
19 Nova Nebula Villager Killed by Mafian Shark with a Laser, Night ??
20 iBrow Unknown Unknown
21 Ultimate Game Unknown Unknown