How to Play Bionicle Mafia

Ok, so there's this village called BZ-Koro. This village has everything a Matoran could want: Stadiums, flooring stores, furniture rentals, Rehab Centres etc. Then, the Mafia invite themselves in. Their task: Kill all of the villagers in the sector, then move on to the next. Now no one is safe, since the villagers can now vote for whomever they want. Their votes decide the fate of their friends, or of their enemies. There are four Mafians, one doctor, one detective, one Serial Killer, and twelve villagers. twenty players total for those of you who have trouble in math. The Mafia get to scratch out anyone they want, the Doc can save people, the Detective finds stuff out about a person, the SK knocks off a person every other round.

Joe was killed. Bob, Steve, and Larry were all in the area. The detective arrested Steve for the crime. Is Steve guilty?

Then everyone will vote on whether Steve is guilty or not. If there are more yes than no votes, then he will be hung. If there are more no votes, he will be let go and the next round will start.