The Village

  • The Turaga x1 – His vote counts for three at the lynchings – however, if targeted by the Dark Hunters at night, he cannot be saved.
  • The Matoran x12 – They are the equivalent of the ordinary Villagers of every other game.
  • The Medic x1 – A mysterious Toa that can protect one other player from the Dark Hunters each round, and is rumored to be absolutely bonkers in the head.
  • The Detective x1 – An easily frustrated Toa that is able to investigate one other player each round, and is known to rage when events do not go his way.

The Dark Hunters

  • The Shadowed One x1 – The head honcho of the Dark Hunters – nobody knows his identity. Each night he is the one that makes the final decision in regards to who will be killed and who will do the killing. If he is lynched, he can choose one other player to be lynched alongside him.
  • The Ancient x1 – This guy is the exact same as the other regular Dark Hunters, except that the decision making powers of The Shadowed One are passed onto him if The Shadowed One dies.
  • The Dark Hunters x3 – These mysterious folk have overrun six other villages before now, and are hoping to overrun their seventh. Each night, one of them will be sent to kill one of you. One of these three Dark Hunters is especially dangerous - if lynched before Round 5, he can choose to take up to three other players to the grave with him.

The Other Guy

  • The Pyro x1 – This crazy, wacko, lovable, and cherry flavored Toa of Fire targets two different players each night, and then decides which of the two he will kill by playing “Rock Paper Scissors” with himself. He enjoys rock and roll, and, much like the Detective, cannot resist a delicious glass of eggnog or a milkshake.