1. All usual rules apply.
  2. You didn’t find Note #2, so you’ll have to live without it.
  3. Role revealing is allowed, but must be done by a number. Example: “iBrow is a Mafia” is BAD; “Number 221 is a Mafia” is GOOD.
  4. Expanding on Rule 3, EVERYTHING in this game is by the numbers, as the title suggests. Go ahead and use names and such in pms, but everything in this topic is numbers. You have a suspect? You need their number. Voting for someone? Use the number. Get the drift? Good!
  5. Screencapping is not allowed.
  6. A heads up to the Mafia/Dark hunters: I WILL reveal who you are if you’re the guilty one that round. So if I was the killer that round, I would say “iBrow killed this guy”. The key here is that they can only lynch you by the numbers, and they don’t have that information handy – knowing your name doesn’t do anything for them when they can’t lynch you with it.