Turaga: Lynching votes count twice.

Detective: Investigates a player once a night to learn their role.

Medic: Protects a person once a night from death.

Pyro: Every night, chooses a player. If that player is a Dark Hunter, he kills them.

Necromancer: Brings a person back every night so they can vote in the day.

Inventor: Gives people powers at night. Availible powers were:

Canis © Plot Armor: Absolute Protection for a player, but prevents them from taking any action.
Poison Vial: After being applied, the next night, the one applied will die.
Scanner: Determine's someone's role.
Mirror Set: When the target of the mirrors is targeted, the receiver of the set will be retargeted to.

Matoran x10: Villagers.


Shadowed One/Pridak:Decides who kills that night and can change the target twice.

Dark Hunters x3/Barraki x3:Collectively kils one Matoran a night.

Secret Role: Spy: The Spy pretends to be a Barraki. However, he is working for the Village. If he finds the identity of Pridak out, he may kill him and all members of the gang. If he get Pridak's identity wrong, he will kill himself and not Pridak.

Secret Role: Suicidal Hunter: If the Suicidal Hunter is sent to kill twice, he will kill himself along with the target. However, if he is killed, he will kill his murderer as well. If he is lynched, he will kill the first to vote for him. He does not know he is the Suicidal Hunter. He believes he is a normal Hunter.