-If there is a group PM, include me in it. I want to see the plots you brainstorm in this. Also, for the Mafia, this is how I will know who you choose to kill.

-I will PM you your role. If you don't get a PM, you are a villager. Do not say 'I didn't get a PM.' or the like.

-You may change your vote once every round. No more, no less. When you do, please state what you are changing it from.

-NO SCREENSHOTS in the main topic. None. Including them in PMs is fine. This means screenshots of any nature, not just ones relating to the game.

-Be nice to other players. These games aren't fun if one person is rude to everyone else and deliberately messes up their plans. If everyone is trying to make a triple hang, and you are just ruining it for them, I won't count your vote and will just lynch you along with the other three.