Bionicle Mafia VII: Frozen Wastelands

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Castle Valendale




Rugged Victory

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Bionicle Mafia VI: The Good Pyro

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Bionicle Mafia VIII: The Sound of Darkness

Bionicle Mafia VII: Frozen Wastelands was the seventh game in the Third Age, and the 47th overall. This game was the first to include the host as an official player allied with a faction, and also featured the resurrection of dead players as new members of the Mafia every four rounds.


  • Signups for the game took so long that Valendale removed two slots from the game; ironically, later that day IBrow Voltex returned from his summertime hiatus to join, but missed out as a result of the cuts.
  • Two more player classifications were created during this game, Type Three and Type Four.
  • Everything after the second (out of thirteen) page of this game was lost as a result of the October 2013 Hacking - by a vote the players ended the game early, moving on to the next game.
  • This game featured several unique scenes including a Rap Scene and a scene based off Valendale's experiences with progressive rummy.
  • The boxes in Night Five were meant to go to ibrow and Taka Nuvia.