Undead Mafians x4- Matoran I have raised from the dead to serve me 

Cryo- An undead Toa of Ice. He counts as a normal mafian and may also freeze one target per night, preventing them from carrying out their role. 

Valendale- That's right, I'm playing too. I cannot be lynched until all other mafians are dead. I cannot vote. I have no say in killings. Every 4th night, I will revive one dead player as mafia. You will not know who. 


Turaga- Vote counts for three.

Medic- May prevent one player each night from being killed.

Blacksmith- Makes 2 sets of armor. One for himself, one for someone else. These prevent being killed at night. If lynched while wearing armor, you may chose someone to inherit it.  

JIF Maker- Makes my supply of peanut butter. Should not be killed under any circumstances. If killed by mafia, all current mafia are killed and replaced with (x-1) undead, where x is the number killed. The Cryo does not factor in to this equation, but he is still killed. If JIF Maker is lynched, one undead is raised right there. 

Villagers x15- People with no special powers.


Rugged- A Toa of Stone was formerly a hero, but was exiled from the village after a failure. Each night he may check the role of one player. If they are mafia, he has the option of killing them instantly and becoming a villager.