Neutral, Mafia

Type of Role

Killing; Role Prevention



Alternate Names

None Available

The Cryo was created by Valendale for Bionicle Mafia VII: Frozen Wastelands, and has since been used in one other game.

Bionicle Mafia VII: Frozen WastelandsEdit

An undead Toa of Ice. He counts as a normal mafioso and may also freeze one target per night, preventing them from carrying out their role.

Bionicle Mafia: Mirror, Mirror, Split Us AllEdit

This Skakdi has come all the way from the Glacial Wastes to fight, kill, and freeze. Like the Pyro he selects a person to kill, and either he or the Pyro succeeds. But, if he finds the Pyro, he can quickly slay the hot-headed hoax and always find his person.


  • The Cryo could be considered the Anti-Pyro, as the two have very similar names and the Cryo kills with ice instead of fire.