The first entry in the series was created as an experiment, to see whether a game of mafia on BZPower could work with the use of an Anti-Town faction that left players alive. The game ended up being broken, as players were kidnapped one round and converted the next, and the first players to be converted were revealed as Cultists. The game ended with a Village victory, thanks to a converted player giving other members a full list of the original Cult.

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Mafia III: The Cult
The Cult Trilogy

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Village Victory

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Bionicle Mafia 2.1: Dark Secrets

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Bionicle Mafia 2.4: What Once Was / Mafia III-2: The Cult Returns

Mafia III: The Cult was the third game in the Second Age of Mafia, the first in the Cult Trilogy, and the 38th game overall. It featured the use of a Cult faction instead of the typical Mafia faction, and introduced the Pyro.