Type of Role

Gives out inventions



Alternate Names

None Available

The Inventor was a role first used by Canis in Bionicle Mafia VI: The Good Pyro. It has been used twice since then.

Bionicle Mafia VI: The Good PyroEdit

Inventor: Gives people powers at night. Availible powers were:

Canis © Plot Armor: Absolute Protection for a player, but prevents them from taking any action.
Poison Vial: After being applied, the next night, the one applied will die.
Scanner: Determine's someone's role.
Mirror Set: When the target of the mirrors is targeted, the receiver of the set will be retargeted to.

Mafia III-4: The Four TribesEdit

Turaga x1 - This Turaga is ruthless, and is able to create one of three inventions to give to another player each night. His votes also count twice at the lynching.

Disk Launcher - Can be used once to kill one other player.

Mask of Healing - Can be used once to protect yourself from death or conversion.

Magnifying Glass - Can be used once to investigate one other player and discover their role.

Bionicle Mafia X: Darkest Dawn

The old Turaga, who have aged rapidly thanks to the effects of the Desolation, both have a vote that counts for double during the executions. As experienced craftsmen, they can also give one of three inventions to a different player in the game each night.

--Plot Armor (Protection for One Night)

--Plot Weapon (One Kill That Night)

--Plot Crown (Double Vote at Next Lynching)


  • The Inventor is often combined with the Turaga into a single role, usually also referred to as the Turaga.