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Village Proxy



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Lloydtiming is a strategy named after Lloyd: the White Wolf, which was coined during the Third Age of BZP Mafia. It is a staple of many of the Third Age Mafia Games.


Lloyd: the White Wolf was a major player back in the First Age of BZP Mafia. During that time he quickly built up a reputation for being extremely dangerous to the Mafia, and later to the Village. Many games started out with Lloyd dying, because if the Mafia didn't kill him, many times the Village would. Because of that he had to adapt to being dead most of every game.

He began to use his death as a way to prove his allegiance, and would start a Pro-Village alliance whenever he could. It wasn't until the Third Age that the players realized that he was more a threat to the Mafia dead than he was alive.

After that other players began to adopt this strategy, and it was coined Lloydtime soon afterward.


The basic strategy involves using two aspects of BZP Mafia that aren't always availible elsewhere. Those aspects are:

  1. The fact that a players role is revealed when they die, and
  2. Any player, dead or alive, may comment in the main topic and communicate via PMs.

Because of these, the Lloydtimer is proven to be Pro-Villlage and can become a "Proxy" to the Village. This normally happens via a post asking for "All Pro-Village Roles" to PM the Lloydtimer. The Lloydtimer can then create a Pro-Village Coalition, coordinating the Detective, the Medic, and any other Pro-Village roles in that game.


This is by no means a foolproof plan, as the Mafia will often try to imitate the Detective, or even just a Villager. The Lloydtimer needs to always be wary of everyone who contacts him or her, to try to prevent this from happening.