500 years ago, a group known as the Cult of Hapori dume overtook several cities before converging on a small village, where they were eventually destroyed when the citizens of the village turned their own cunning against them.

50 years later, that very same village was hit again when a survivor of the former cult killed the mayor, and sent a pyromaniac through the town to help cover up his tracks in the chaos. Thanks to the efforts of the town's Detective, insane Medic, and a supposedly converted villager actually working with the Detective, the village was saved.

Six weeks after that the cult surged back again - this time, the village was better prepared, and defended themselves rughtlessly. So ruthlessly, in fact, that the cult successfully took over the village at last and started their crusade anew. It took them less than a week.

The cult was next spotted in a huge city, where they seemed to be gaining a steady advantage over the civilians there. However, the records of this encounter were destroyed in a mighty fire, and nothing can be accounted for after the third day. Historians have estimated that this attack took place one year after the Cult first returned.

Fast forward 449 years, and you have reached this point. Legend has it that this site was the location of the ancient village, before the Cult took it over and abandoned it... but not before leaving a piece of the greatest treasure int he universe behind. A brand new Cult, under the same banner as the old one, has returned to this location to take what their ancestral group first stole and use it to spread their influence across the lands. However, first, they need to get through the others.

Three other groups have also converged on the area - the first are the Dark Hunters, seeking not only the treasure but also the land to use as their newest base. The second are the Order of Mata-Nui, chasing down the Dark Hunters to jail or kill them, and with the Cult now also in their sights. The third and final group are the Descendants. Four Matoran led by one Turaga, all descendants of survivors from the ancient village, finally returning to take back the land that is rightfully theirs.

One small problem: outside of their own groups, nobody has any idea who anybody else is. So now they wage a war against each other, and the signs point to this war ending sooner rather than later. Can you survive against the Cult, or the Dark Hunters, or the Order, or the Descendants?

It's time to find out.

Welcome back to the Village, gents.