Type of Role

Player Protection



Alternate Names

Doctor, Healer, Protector

 The Medic is one of the classic roles of BZP Mafia, and has been in almost every game since the very beginning. It has had various forms, but every one includes some form of protecting power.

Because this role is so often used, any duplicate rules have not been added in. The vast majority of games after Bionicle Mafia 34: Command have used the same system it used, and any one that was moderately different has also been added.

Anti-Town VariantsEdit

Recent games such as Bionicle Mafia X: Darkest Dawn and Bionicle Mafia: Mirror, Mirror, Split Us All have included variations on the Medic role that are alligned to the Anti-Town faction of the game. Those can be read about here.


  • On BZPower the role was usually known as Doctor until Mafia III: The Cult, where IBrow Voltex renamed the role to fit the TF2 theme and to reflect the modifications for defending against the Cult. However, the name stuck and has been the common term ever since.