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 The Mysterious Figure is a role that was first introduced in Mafia III-4: The Four Tribes as a part of the Village Descendants, where it was one of two secret roles in the game. The Mysterious Figure later played a major role in the events of the Darkest Days Trilogy.

Mafia III-4: The Four TribesEdit

Mysterious Figure x1 - This Matoran doesn't appear to have any special abilities, but he does seem to turn up everywhere somehow [Each night is given a power from Vezon's secondary choice].

In this game the role was given to Pulse, who was killed by the Cult in the third round.

Bionicle Mafia IX: Sentinels of the Darkened SkiesEdit

Mysterious Figure x1 - Each night he can kill one player - however, that player's sibling will survive the attack. This player can only die once the entire Hunters group is eliminated. This player turns up as a Matoran if investigated. The Mysterious Figure is the thief of the Staff of Unlimited Power, and it is their fault that this game is occurring. The Mysterious Figure does not have a sibling.

  • The role was given to Lhikevikk, who survived until the final scene before dying.

Bionicle Mafia X: Darkest DawnEdit

The leader of the Traitors; he decides who to send each night and who to target. He cannot be lynched until the Ghost and four Traitors are dead, and he cannot be sent to kill until they are dead either.

  • The role waas given to Toarobot18, who was lynched in the final scene. After being revived for the final battle, he was killed again thanks to the combined efforts of JL and Lhikevikk.


  • The Mysterious Figure was added to Mafia III-4: The Four Tribes last minute to foreshadow the Darkest Days Trilogy. Its powers in that game were decided later on when the pm was sent to Pulse.