Initially developed as a fourth game to expand the Cult Trilogy, and then modified to serve as a standalone sequel to the Cult Trilogy, Mafia III-4: The Four Tribes was eventually released as an experimental game, to see what would play out if there were four factions instead of the usual two, and to see what would play out if every player in the game was given a role. The game ended with no survivors, thanks to the votes of Toa Onarax, Taka Nuvia, and Portalfig.

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Mafia III-4: The Four Tribes
The Numbers Trilogy

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All players dead; no survivors

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Bionicle Mafia: 5.2 Edition

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Bionicle Mafia: The Ruins of Mata-Nui

 Mafia III-4: The Four Tribes was the first game of the Numbers Trilogy, the sequel to the Cult Trilogy. It took place in the Third Age of Mafia and featured the use of four different factions, each with their own special roles and win conditions. It was played alongside Bionicle Mafia VII: Frozen Wastelands .

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