The Great Dataclysm was an event that took place during March of 2009, which resulted in every post from September 28, 2008 until that point being deleted by a hacking.

Games AffectedEdit

  1. Bionicle Mafia 12
  2. Bionicle Mafia 13
  3. Bionicle Mafia 14
  4. Bionicle Mafia 15
  5. Bionicle Mafia 16
  6. Bionicle Mafia 17
  7. Bionicle Mafia 18
  8. Bionicle Mafia 19

All eight of these games took place during the First Age . Games 15 and 18 can be seen on the Wayback Machine, but only their hosts can be recovered. All other information regarding these games has been lost several times over, with the Great Downtime and the Archival Deletion both further removing any remaining traces of these games.