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  "Lies and strawberries, that's how you win."

"Lies and strawberries. But mostly lies."

"Mostly strawberries, actually. About an 83%-15%-2% ratio. The 2% is unicorns."

- Voltex & Chro discussing the basis of Voltex's strategies.

Voltex is a formerly retired player that first played the Bionicle Mafia games towards the end of the First Age, beginning with Bionicle Mafia #30: Eyewitness. Although he will often seem Type Two in topics (particularly when hosting), iBrow is a hardcore Type One player, often doing much more behind the scenes work than most would suspect to successfully reach his goals each game.

During the Third Age, he became notorious for bringing down the Mafia in Bionicle Mafia II: Electric BoogalooBionicle Mafia IV: The Rich, The Poor, and The Pyro (post-death), Bionicle Mafia VIII: The Sound of Darkness, and the opposing Mafia group in Bionicle Mafia V: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor. He also helped the Mafia to win the game in Bionicle Mafia: Mirror, Mirror, Split Us All as the Cryo, and he betrayed the Dark Hunters to join the Brotherhood after his death in Bionicle Mafia: Two For All.

He has become notorious for going to absurd lengths to avenge his deaths, going so far as to cause the Pyro's round one lynching and the destruction of the Mafia in Bionicle Mafia IV: The Rich, The Poor, and The Pyro, obsessively getting the Mafia lynched in Bionicle Mafia VIII: The Sound of Darkness, and even lighting Chro's arm on fire in Bionicle Mafia IX: Sentinels of the Darkened Skies for his death in Bionicle Mafia: Southern Retribution. In Bionicle Mafia: Two For All, he retaliated against the Dark Hunters when they killed him by joining the Brotherhood and making a move that caused them to win the game.

Roles Edit

Role Game Status
Villager Bionicle Mafia 30: Eyewitness Survived?; Won
Villager Bionicle Mafia 32: Manipulation Survived?; Won
Mafioso Bionicle Mafia 33: Revenge Alive; Won
Villager? Bionicle Mafia 34: Command Survived?; Won
Serial Killer Bionicle Mafia 35: Chaos Lynched Day 1
Mafioso Bionicle Mafia 2.1: Dark Secrets Killed by Armed Villager, Night 6
GM, Lloyd Bionicle Mafia 2.4: What Once Was Killed Night 4; Won
Detective Bionicle Mafia 2.5: The Big City Killed by Mafia, Night 1
Detective Bionicle Mafia II: Electric Boogaloo Alive; Won
Villager Bionicle Mafia IV: The Rich, The Poor, and The Pyro Killed by Pyro, Night 1; Won
Makuta Bionicle Mafia V: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor Alive at Topic Death
Matoro Bionicle Mafia: 5.2 Edition Sacrificed Day 2
Matoran Bionicle Mafia VIII: The Sound of Darkness Killed by Brotherhood, Night 1; Won
Matoran Bionicle Mafia: Southern Retribution Killed by Villagers, Night 1
Cryo Bionicle Mafia: Mirror, Mirror, Split Us All Suicided Night 3; Won
DH Villager Bionicle Mafia: Two For All Killed by Bribed Matoran, Night 2
Warden Bionicle Mafia XII: Dead Sea Killed by Shadowhawk, Day 3
Zealot Bionicle Mafia 0.4: Limitless Zeal Lynched, Day 5
Pyro Bionicle Mafia: Requiem of the Dead Killed by Sniper, Night 2
Makuta Bionicle Mafia 0.5: Fragmented Killed by New Guardian, Night 2; Won
??? Bionicle Mafia XIII: Tower of Trepidation
??? Mafia XVI: Gallows and Gambits Alive

Notable ActionsEdit


  • Voltex has only played twice the number of games that he's hosted.